Premium Triple Mix: A perfect blend of peat moss, manure, and sand. This rich, organic soil is excellent for flowerbeds, gardens, and top-dressing lawns.

Planting Soil (50/50 Mix): This soil is the ideal mix of shredded topsoil and premium triple mix. The shredded topsoil adds body and substance to the mix, while the triple mix gives you the organic content required for most planting applications. This soil is excellent for new plantings and deep filled planters.

Shredded Topsoil: A fine-screened, field stripped soil. This soil is excellent for making easy work of large grading jobs and deep fill areas. It is also ideal for under new sod.

Mushroom Compost: We carry mushroom compost, which is a mix of peat moss, manure, and decomposed mushrooms. This product is excellent as a fertilizer for flower beds, gardens, and top-dressing lawns.

Manure: This aged cattle manure is well composed and performs well as a fertilizer. This product is available in 28.3L bags.